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Welcome to Northwest Medical Isotopes

Northwest Medical Isotopes (NWMI) is a United States-based organization that offers a domestic manufacturing solution to the current molybdenum-99 (mo-99) crisis through low-energy, cost-effective and sustainable processes.

The NWMI Solution

Northwest Medical Isotopes, LLC has formed a team of U.S. organizations with the expertise and proven facilities necessary to cost effectively address the Mo-99 market.

Advantages of NWMI

  • NWMI is an all U.S. team
  • The “Total LEU Solution” avoids nonproliferation issues through use of LEU for target feedstock and reactor
  • Solves “just in time supply problem” due to short 66 hour half life of Mo-99
  • Utilization of existing up-to-date research reactor
  • Uses modern, low cost isotope extraction processing approach
  • Intellectual Property/Licensing and unique sub-licensing opportunities